Hello, I’m Mark and I live and work in Sheffield, UK

I write and produce my own music

About Mark

Thanks for visiting my site. Here's a bit of background.

I grew up in Birmingham UK before moving to Manchester for a few years and then I arrived in Sheffield to study Fine Art and I've been here ever since.

Sheffield is a lovely place to live. We have the beautiful peak district just down the road for walks and bike rides.

I've always loved messing around with computers. Over the years my computers have evolved from a ZX Spectrum, to an Atari ST, various Windows PCs, and now MacBook Pros. I've made my living doing various types of designing and coding on computers since 2000.

I've also used every computer I've owned to make music. I love music - all sorts of music - and I also love making music. I use Ableton Live on my MacBook and have plans to re-integrate violin and guitar playing, live recording, and instrument making again soon.

And I also enjoy reading books and watching very fast cars.

Thanks for reading this far - it's been a fun page to make. If you still have some time you could listen to some of my music.

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