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The Listening Station (Music) | Mark Hadley (Sound Art)

The Listening Station

ambient / lo-fi

The Listening Station is a response to landscape and environment, natural and man-made, the details and the distances, which generally results in melodic lo-fi ambient music – processed instruments and field recordings.


Sketches is The Listening Station’s first “proper” album and is available now on Bandcamp and all good streaming services. August 2020.

Listening Station 1

This album collects together my favourite lo-fi ambient works which were completed before that side of my work was specifically called “The Listening Station”. The best of 2018-2019! July 2020.


minimal / electronica


I have previously released work under the name Autophon and I may again in the future. This album is a collection of my favourite Autophon tracks from 2018-2019.

Mark Hadley

field recordings / sound art

Audio Sketchbook

Sonic snippets from life and the occasional re-found sound work. Mainly recorded and edited using my iPhone or salvaged from tape cassettes.

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