Hello, I’m Mark and I live and work in Sheffield, UK

I write and produce my own music


Over the last couple of years I've re-started my music production - it's the start of an exciting new journey. I'm currently honing my skills and releasing music online via Soundcloud and the streaming services.

My music has broad influences - electronica, classsical, pop, rock, alternative, modernist and avant garde. I'm always experimenting.

Music creation has always been a big part of my life from playing the violin and guitar and being in "bands" as a kid, to sound installation and film soundtrack work on my fine art degree. I had a modicum of success back in the day with a 2 month Artist Residency at Sheffield University Sound Studios in 1998 and a 4 track vinyl EP release on the Toshoklabs label in 1999.

In 2000 my web design career took off and music creation took a back seat until the last couple of years when I've slowly built up the pace again.

I use Ableton Live on my MacBook and have plans to re-integrate violin and guitar playing, live recording, and instrument making again soon. I would also like to have physical releases and be involved in collaborative work in the future.

Here's to future sounds...