Audio Sketchbook

Over the last 18 months I’ve posted 28 tracks to SoundCloud. It’s been a great start but I’ve not managed to keep up the flow of new work.

I started off well releasing a track every couple of weeks but then ground to a halt after a few months and since then I’ve only managed to finish another handful of tracks over the last year.

I suffer from a common problem – not releasing work until I’m 100% happy with it which often leads to me overworking tracks and then never managing to finish them. I need to get better at finishing work quickly while the ideas are still fresh and letting things go before I feel they are 100% perfect.

It’s only through iteration and a consistent release schedule that I’ll learn, progress and build an audience for my work.

So to combat this I’ve decided to start an audio sketchbook experiment. The idea is that I will put something up on SoundCloud on a very regular schedule – once every 2 days.

I am hoping this will free me up to experiment more, release ideas and sketches, and be less precious about finished work.

I also hope it will inject some fun back into my sound creation and give me a better idea of the direction(s) I want to go in.

So, new audio posted to SoundCloud every 2 days… lets see how long I last!

2nd November 2019

Latest Recordings


Sketches is possibly my first “proper” album and is available now on Bandcamp and SoundCloud.

Listening Station 1

This album collects together my lo-fi ambient works from 2018-19.

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