Last month (November 2019) I challenged myself to upload a new track to SoundCloud every 2 days – An Audio Sketchbook. I was looking to break out of the rut of perfectionism I had found myself in and inject some energy back into my music making – so how did I do?

I did well, really well! In November I uploaded 13 new tracks to SoundCloud and I had my most successful month there in terms of plays/likes/reposts etc. for well over a year. Not only that, it really has re-energised the whole process for me and I’m very much enjoying making music again.

I didn’t quite make one track every 2 days but I wasn’t far off. It was also quite a cathartic experience in that I finished and shipped a lot of music that I had had around for a long time – cleared the decks somewhat.

Having more tracks finished also means it’s now easier to curate them into more coherent and better quality “collections” for release on other platforms.

This month I will continue the process. I’ve tweaked the release schedule to a new track every 3 days rather than 2 as I feel that would be hard for me to maintain longer term.

I intend to upload 10 new tracks this month and also finally start releasing EPs of my favourite tracks on BandCamp and streaming media platforms – exciting!

1st December 2019

Latest Recordings


Music inspired by and containing field recordings of the coast and the sea made in Filey in August 2020.


Sketches is possibly my first “proper” album. Melodic lo-fi ambient music - instruments and field recordings.

The Listening Station

A collection of my more ambient tracks from 2018-2019.


A collection of my more electronic rhythmic tracks from 2018-19.

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