“Filey” Now on Bandcamp

In August 2020 (during the covid pandemic but after the first lockdown) we had a short holiday in Filey on the East Coast of the UK.

We’ve been to Filey many times over the years, it’s one of our favourite holiday locations.

This was the first time I had visited Filey with decent sound recording equipment and while I was there I made many hours of recordings of the sea and the town.

This album is the music I made that was both inspired by and containing many of those recordings and is now available on Bandcamp.

#Music of the Sea


4th November 2020

Latest Recordings


Music inspired by and containing field recordings of the coast and the sea made in Filey in August 2020.


Sketches is possibly my first “proper” album. Melodic lo-fi ambient music - instruments and field recordings.

The Listening Station

A collection of my more ambient tracks from 2018-2019.


A collection of my more electronic rhythmic tracks from 2018-19.

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