One Year on SoundCloud

Last June (2018) I finally decided to start putting my music out into the world and I uploaded my first tracks to SoundCloud.

I had been working on music again – on and off in my spare time – for at least a couple of years, learning Ableton Live and creating a lot but never finishing anything, and tending to over-work tracks. I had reached a bit of an impasse.

Using SoundCloud gave me a focus and a reason to get work finished, a way to start building an online portfolio and get feedback.

It worked! Over the last year I’ve produced and uploaded 20 new tracks while still working full-time as a web developer and a busy dad.

I’ve learnt a lot about my workflow, and the skills and services that I need to get my music off of my laptop and into the world.

SoundCloud has been a very positive experience for me so far. It’s a very supportive and positive community. The kind and thoughtful comments and messages I’ve received have been a crucial part of me keeping going this year.

Over the last year people have listened to my music and some people have said very nice things about the work I’ve done.

I’ve had:

3,704 plays

It’s been a great start. I’ve had to let go of my desire to only share “perfect” work and to accept that I am just where I am and that’s okay, it’s all part of the journey.

I hope to upload even more music to SoundCloud this year and really work on building connections there.

2nd June 2019

Latest Recordings


Music inspired by and containing field recordings of the coast and the sea made in Filey in August 2020.


Sketches is possibly my first “proper” album. Melodic lo-fi ambient music - instruments and field recordings.

The Listening Station

A collection of my more ambient tracks from 2018-2019.


A collection of my more electronic rhythmic tracks from 2018-19.

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