I’ve just finished reading Overlap by Sean McCabe. It’s a great book.

I was already following a lot of the concepts in the book through listening to the weekly seanwes podcast that Sean hosts along with Ben Toalson which is always a positive and inspirational listen.

Sean also writes a blog, produces courses, and runs a community over at seanwes.com

Overlap gives you a workable framework and lots of great ideas about how to transition to making your living from something that you enjoy doing without the pressure of having to earn money from it initially – don’t give up the day job just yet!

This is what I am currently trying to do with my music. I work on music in the evenings, some weekends, and the occasional week day. It’s hard to keep up the momentum on top of a busy family and work life but I’m finding it possible as it’s something I love doing and I’m also willing to cut out a lot of other “leisure” time activities such as internet, social media, tv etc.

My biggest take aways from the book were:

  1. I need to ship more. Although I have done well this last year I still suffer from a degree of “perfectionism” and I’m not shipping enough music to build up a solid body of work.

  2. I need to simplify my approach. As a result of this is I’ve split my day job (web design) out of this web site completely and back to it’s own domain markhadley.com and this place is purely about the music going forward. I’m just a musician here.

  3. I need to clarify. What exactly do I want to be known for? What type(s) of music, what approach etc. What’s my elevator pitch? I’m still working on this!

If you are wanting to make a move from your current day job to making a living from something you enjoy doing then Overlap will definitely be of help.

You can get it free over at seanwes.com/book

And thank you Sean for all your help so far.

23rd June 2019

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