Songlines Remix Competition

I’ve just uploaded my entry into the Songlines Remix Competition.

The competition, run by Songlines music magazine and PRS Foundation, is an opportunity for UK music creators to remix one of David Attenborough’s sound recordings from his critically acclaimed album, My Field Recordings From Across The Planet.

A panel of experts will then select a shortlist of 6 tracks that will be available for a public vote.

The source track is traditional gamelan music from Bali recorded in 1956. It’s an interesting track – although the recording quality is pretty basic and you only get an mp3!

I wanted to use only samples taken from the source for my piece, so no extra drums or synths, and I also wanted to try and keep something of the quality of the gamelan original. Gamelan contains complex metallic timbres which proved quite hard to work with in a more traditional melodic way.

Every sound on my track is a sample of the source track which I’ve then shaped with eq and effects. While I’ve had quite a lot of experience with various hardware and software samplers over the years I’d not spent time with the sampler instrument in Ableton Live so it was an opportunity for me to do that.

It’s amazing the range of sounds you can create out of most samples.

You can listen to my track Gamelan 56 on SoundCloud.

9th June 2019

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