Studio Space

Twenty years ago, before children, I often had a whole room just for working and to permanently leave my music equipment set up. I had a lot more music hardware then as well – a mixer, rackmount synths and fx. At the time I never really appreciated those spaces and I never got round to making much music in them either!

As time went on the demands on the available space increased and the dedicated office/music rooms transformed into children’s bedrooms.

In our last house I still had a decent office/studio area in the corner of the attic bedroom. In this house, for the last two years, I’ve had no dedicated space, I’ve just worked on my laptop in various locations around the house. This has been okay but not ideal.

The house is a renovation project and the attic bedroom has been undergoing a complete overhaul for that time so has been unavailable.

I can do all my work on my MacBook, coding and music but ideally a desk space with my exercise ball seat (I have a bad back from all the years sitting) would be a lot better.

I am also making music again so I’d like to have my Scarlett 6i6 audio interface and some studio monitors set up along with a record/tape player and a collection of instruments/mics for sourcing sounds.

Soon the attic will be finished and I will have a space again – the photo shows where my studio space will be. I think this time I’ll appreciate it a lot more!

26th October 2019

Latest Recordings


Music inspired by and containing field recordings of the coast and the sea made in Filey in August 2020.


Sketches is possibly my first “proper” album. Melodic lo-fi ambient music - instruments and field recordings.

The Listening Station

A collection of my more ambient tracks from 2018-2019.


A collection of my more electronic rhythmic tracks from 2018-19.

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