The Listening Station

I’ve always agonised over names for releasing music. Sometimes I just want to use my own name for everything and other times I want a different name for each project that has a different audience or feel. I think it’s quite a common problem.

“Mark Hadley” is not a great name for releasing music as it’s fairly common, there are already a couple of Mark Hadleys on the streaming platforms so you have that complexity to deal with and it’s just not very “showbiz” is it!

Most recently I’ve been using “Autophon” on SoundCloud and it has served me well but it does have a definite feel – electronic and “Kraftwerk-ish”. There will be new Autophon work soon but my latest work is not like that, it’s more mellow, lo-fi, ambient – so I felt Autophon was not right and so I’m now releasing work under a second name as well – “The Listening Station”.

27th June 2020

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