Hello, I’m Mark and I live and work in Sheffield, UK

I write and produce my own music

Project 50

16th June 2019

This month I am 50 years old. Wow!

Being 50 brings up a lot of different emotions. It’s slightly scary, I don’t think anyone wants to get older. Of course, I don’t feel that old – except when the back or shoulder injuries are playing me up! I feel lucky and privileged to have had the life I’ve had so far.

I like the buddhist story that says a human life (particularly one where you have the time and opportunity to write music and blog posts!) is a very rare and precious thing seen in the larger scale of time and history – as rare as a blind sea turtle who only surfaces once every 100 years coming up out of the sea and putting her head straight through the hole in a wooden cattle-yoke that has been freely floating around on the oceans – now that is a rare thing!

50 is also motivating. I’m in a good place at the moment with life and work, moving forward with a plan.

So to celebrate my half century (and because I need to ship more music) I intend to upload 50 new pieces of work to Soundcloud over the next year – Project 50!

Goals work well to motivate me and this one is just right. I uploaded 20 new tracks to Soundcloud last year and completing 50 this year – one every week – will keep me focused on getting work finished and not “perfecting” too much.

I’d like to work on my arrangements, adding space into my music, and experimenting with sounds and ideas.

At the end of the year I’ll select my favourite tracks and put them together into a release of some kind.