Welcome to the website of Mark David Hadley. I'm a musician/artist who lives in Sheffield, UK. I work with music and field recording to produce recordings, creative resources (sample packs and creative cards) and art.
I sell my work on Bandcamp and Gumroad and I promote my work on Instagram, YouTube and SoundCloud.
My music could be described as ambient, electronic, minimal, lo-fi or filmic and is based around an ever-changing hybrid software and hardware setup. I mainly use Ableton Live with a wide range of electronic and acoustic instruments and objects as well as field recordings. I also play the violin.
Field recordings are an important part of my work, both as part of my music and as a standalone practice.
You can read more about my work and background on the about page.
I'm looking for labels to help release my music, and opportunities for field recording.
Recent Work
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