Hello, I’m Mark and I live and work in Sheffield, UK

I write and produce my own music

Project 50

This month I am 50 years old. Wow! So to celebrate my half century I intend to upload at least 50 new pieces of work to Soundcloud over the next year.

Songlines Remix Competition

I've just uploaded my entry into the Songlines Remix Competition. The competition, run by Songlines music magazine and PRS Foundation, is an opportunity for UK music creators to remix one of David Attenborough’s sound recordings from his critically acclaimed album, My Field Recordings From Across The Planet.

One Year on Soundcloud

Last June (2018) I finally decided to start putting my music out into the world and I uploaded my first tracks to Soundcloud. Using Soundcloud gave me a focus and a reason to get work finished, a way to start building an online portfolio and get feedback.