Homegrown Apples
February 2024
My first release on the Whitelabrecs label for their eRecords series.

"Homegrown Apples is a beautifully warm ambient record, full of day-dreamy drones, licks of light guitars and subtle field recording texture."

December 2023
A collection of six electroacoustic contemplations. Live improvisations made with "intuitively" tuned acoustic guitar, violin bow and digital effects.

Through Trains
September 2023
Recorded in June and July 2023 using guitars, a Boss RC600 looper, a Hologram Microcosm and various Ableton Live additions.

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Walking Simulator 
February 2022
Walking Simulator was recorded in multiple locations with varied setups and no fixed studio space. Some tracks were built completely in the computer and others contain live recordings.

How To Make Felt 
June 2021
MicroFreak, Field Kit FX, Glou Glou Loupé, field recordings and Ableton Live.