Hi, I'm a Sheffield based musician and artist.

I work with guitar and violin, electronic instruments, found sounds and objects, field recordings and software to create music and art. I also write a studio notebook at Whirrings on Substack.

My creative journey has been varied—from orchestral violin throughout my youth in Birmingham to installation and field recording while studying sculpture in Sheffield. I have produced tape works for a BMW car launch, co-founded an experimental sound magazine—Noisegate, organised music events, completed a residency at Sheffield University Sound Studios, and had releases on the Töshöklabs and Discus labels. I've also worked as a designer and coder for many years.

After an extended hiatus from releasing music, I re-established my practice during the pandemic and began self-releasing music and collections of field recordings.

My latest album Homegrown Apples is released through Whitelabrecs.

I'm seeking label linkups, residencies and soundtrack opportunities. I'm happy to chat about anything though, so please feel free to drop me a line...