Flight Paths
Gupton Farm, Pembrokeshire
In the summer of 2022 I stayed at Gupton Farm, a National Trust site in Pembrokeshire, Wales. It is a beautiful place with a fantastic beach, sand dunes, reed beds, wetlands and farmland... and a lot of aeroplanes.

Recordings of the Rain
July 2023, Sheffield
An exceptionally rainy month gave me the opportunity to listen and record with different microphones and setups. These recordings were made in my house and garden in a busy Sheffield suburb in July 2023. There are cars, pigeons and aircraft!

Recordings of the Sea
Yorkshire and Cornwall
These recordings are from two trips: Filey, North Yorkshire in 2020 and Treyarnon Bay, Cornwall in 2021.

The noise, drones, chords, melodies, phasing and looping produced by the sea when it encounters a diverse range of materials and structures.